Bananas Are For Real

You gotta love bananas. If nothing else, you need to respect their bio degradable packaging. There’s no guilt or remorse as I toss my peel into the ditch while riding. After all, someone’s grass will be greener.

Bananas also contain good stuff that prevents leg cramps. Simply astonishing! I ate mine during a set of hills in a 20 mph headwind. (strong enough to push the bike around on the road) Bottom line: I lived to write about it.

The temp on the road topped out at 103. I finished 74.5 miles and 2000′ of climbing at 1230. I spied a Subway as I entered New Prague, and celebrated with a sandwich and 4 cups of lemonade.

My only concern tonight is a bit of saddle chafing…need to care for that on the road tomorrow. Looks like a tail wind tomorrow – a welcome relief to fighting the wind all day. It was a struggle to maintain 15 mph…

God thought from Ps 103:

He doesn’t treat us as we deserve

Grace and Courage, friends.

Pastor Greg


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