Hot-n-Humid 500 Day 1

I’m sitting in Culver’s enjoying a vanilla custard…not a bad way to end a hot day. Using 20+ miles of urban bike trails we got out of the city. 47 miles brought us to Hastings, MN and another air conditioned gym. I was among the first 15 riders to arrive and able to hit the showers with no wait!

Along the way I saw a coyote off in the woods.

It’s hot and humid – hence the title for this post. The breeze on the bike made if quite pleasant. It got nasty only when we stopped. (grin)

Along the way we stopped at Habitat house number 2000 which was just getting started. We got to sign the walls and leave a message. A lot of people asked us what group we were with. Though I was tempted to say we were a very large roller derby team, I was happy to do some HFH publicity.

I made a new friend today named Mark. Good conversation makes the miles fly by.

I’ll check-in again tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Hot-n-Humid 500 Day 1

  1. Say hello to my friend Deb Hegland from Winona MN. She is on the ride too. Then we meet up Sunday for our Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas…where she is my roomie!

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