Many Preparations

Getting packed this evening. The process is SO familiar – practiced so many times during my outdoor guiding years. It’s alway a mix of anticipation and…sadness. I’m excited about the 500 mile tour, but I will miss my wife and daughter. I expect that I will [as always] tuck that lonely ache away deep inside me and put on my game face…but not for another 12 hours. Until then the ache of separation will grow larger.

The food is packed. I have endurance drink that tastes something like honey flavored pancake batter. I have my usual assortment of gels – including a new margarita flavor I find rather tasty. The best new addition are electrolyte tabs that disolve in the water bottle. After some painful cramps during training, I made this correction and found my ideal rate of consumption.

Tomorrow Ruby gets a new left shifter under warranty. The good folks at Penn Cycle will take care of this for me early tomorrow afternoon. Check-in starts at 530, and then living with 134 strangers for the next seven days begins.

Grace & peace until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Many Preparations

  1. Oh daddy:*) i love you toooooo…… I miss you tons and i wish we could be there!! I hope we’ll see you at the finish line!! I love you tons,

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