Habitat 500 Route

Hey everyone!

Today I’m starting my Habitat 500 ride updates. The details of the route – including really snazzy maps – are linked below.

We’ll be fed by local churches in the morning and evening and sleeping in school gymnasiums every night. Food and water stops will be about every 20 miles, and all of our gear will be transported for us by truck. YES!

Day 1: St Louis Park to Hastings, 46.7 miles

Day 2: Hastings to New Prague, 75.5 miles

Day 3: New Prague to Hutchinson, 77.9 miles

Day 4: Hutchinson Loop, 101.3 miles

Day 5: Hutchinson to New Ulm, 79.1 miles

Day 6: New Ulm to Mayer, 79.5 miles

Day 7: Mayer to St Louis Park, 41 miles

501 miles total! Daily updates will start on Saturday…grace and courage, dear friends.


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