No Band-aid Big Enough

As I ponder the facts that (a) I have a nasty stomach bug, and (b) I’m unable to ride and train, it occurs to me that cycling is indeed not everything.

I love the long hours in the saddle. I love the rhythm of riding. I’m positively smitten by pushing a big gear with a tailwind and flying along at 25 mph. But it’s not everything by a long shot. By that I mean that there’s something deeper than a hobby or lifestyle that brings us joy. In order to really love what I do on a bike, I need a deeper love. It’s another way of saying, if cycling were the fix-all band-aid: it wouldn’t be big enough.

No band-aid is big enough. Nothing in all creation can truly fill the void and make us complete. Completeness falls into the realm of the Spirit. Richness in living and sublime enjoyment are possible because we’ve been loved more deeply by God. Without God we turn our experiences into gods. If we have a GOOD day, then we have a GOOD god. If we have a BAD day, then we must have a BAD god. Then a voice whispers, “could be you need to get a new god…”

We can adopt a Zen kind of attitude and seek a transcendance whereby we’re no longer bothered by anything. But this still supposes that peace can be found somewhere inside ourselves. I prefer the external love of God that comes from outside me. It comes to me complete, and I can’t mess it up.

Romans 5:5 says: and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

I HOPE I HAVE A GOOD RIDE…maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But what won’t ever change is that I am loved so purely and deeply by Jesus. Everything else is the proverbial icing.

Though I DO hope I feel better tomorrow…

Grace & Courage, friends.


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