First Century is History

Last Saturday I rode in the Superior Vistas tour in Bayfield, WI. Many thanks to the organizers for a well-run event. The pizza and ice cream at the finish was first rate!

So goes my first century [100 mile ride] of the season. Miles 30 through 80-something were in the pouring rain. I noticed the field thinning out after 60 miles – as the sensible people turned toward the fore mentioned pizza and ice cream. I thought about following them.

But I didn’t.

There’s something about thinking that I might throw in the [sodden] towl that keeps me going. I flirt with failure, and after a short dance find another partner.

At mile 95 I saw a sign for ice cream the way a desert traveler sees a lake of water shimmering in the distance. I slowly applied my brakes and came to a stop. Forgetting to unclip from my pedals…I fell over sideways and rolled [now unclipped] down an embankment. A rider passing by shouted, “Dude is your bike okay?!”

When I arrived at the finish I changed out of my bike clothes and examined a nasty chafe on my backside. Water, road grit and my bike shorts mixed together did their work: a crescent shaped furrow an inch and a half long. Three days later its cause for some concern. Pray that it will heal up in time for the Habitat 500!

My finishing time was 5:47:27, and 53 minutes faster than my personal best. The course climbed 3932 feet – including 3 categorized climbs. I was pleased to see an average HR of only 144…I think I’m ready for the next 1500 miles.

We’re just a few bucks short of $1500 in fundraising.

Grace and courage friends…Pastor greg


One thought on “First Century is History

  1. PG, I read this tonight and laughed until I cried. I woke John up and read it to him,too.
    BEEN THERE! I am glad you are safe and pray for your continued safety. Blessings!

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