A Perfect Day

Gorgeous and challenging ride today. After 20 miles on the Great River Road alongside the Mississippi river [and a 20 mph headwind!], I turned west. This stretch of hilly wilderness was breathtaking in the morning sun. This is also where I last saw a timber wolf alongside the road.

Turning north, I caught an excellent tailwind and rode up into Sugar Hills and over the only categorized [CAT 5]climb in our area. While descending I waltzed through the curves at a heady 35+ mph. Stats for the ride: 66.5 miles, 17.7 mph avg speed, and 2000′ of climbing.

I’m finally getting my nutrition dialed-in for endurance riding. Last week I came pretty close to bonking after 50 miles. The lesson: I need to eat more than just gels. Hammer Perpetuem is my base nutrition…which makes twinkie breaks so much more rewarding. [Though I must admit that today I craved Doritos] Anyway, I ended my ride feeling strong.

Taking into consideration my early-spring bout with Lyme’s disease, I’m finally getting over the chronic tiredness. Cycling feels less like work, and more like fun!

As of today: 1010.5 miles

Grace & Courage…pastor greg


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