Minnesota Ironman

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be riding in the Minnesota Ironman Gran Fondo: a 50 mile timed event.

I’ve been competitive in training with last year’s top 10 times in the 50-59 division. So…I hold out hope for a respectable showing. Forecast is dismal, however. Rain with a good chance of thunder showers for most of the morning…WHEN I’M RACING. A little extra challenge?

700 am the next morning.

No rain! There was lots of sand and plant debris on the road: everything wet and sticky from the hail and downpours of the night before. I got the race mechanics to douse my drive train in lubricant and took off.  The first 10 miles were mostly down hill and a good opportunity to get my average speed up to 19 mph before the climbing began. I hit the first climbs pretty aggressively and maintained good speed until mile 30. At this point I began to struggle with maintaining my physical intensity, and I shifted into endurance mode: pushing slightly easier gears on the hills. My form came back together in the next few miles, and I made up some time.

When I crossed the finish line I had ridden 51 miles, climbed 1297′ and finished 4th in my age class.


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