Keeping your Lid Clean

If you’ve spent much time on the road you know that it doesn’t take long for your helmet to become…fragrant. Like many things in life, your sweat-saturated helmet will not improve if ignored, and can take on the epic proportions of a Jr. High science experiment gone bad. The sticky mass of many days of sweat mixed with small flying insects will likely fester and rot if not dealt with. You WILL have trouble finding friends to ride with.

Anyway, this morning I read an article on this very topic. The author praised the virtues of clean helmets and made one very creative suggestion: wear your helmet when you shower after your ride.

So I did.

I made one small adjustment to help the cleaning process. I lathered my hair first, and then put on my helmet. I figured if I used shampoo to clean my head, it ought to work for cleaning what touches my head. And who can argue with the fresh scent?

As of today: 694 miles.

Grace & Courage…pastor greg


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