Spring in Da North Country Don-cha Know

It’s a scene of slushy desperation as I look out the living room window.

Ya shure youbetcha.

Okay, then.

It’s springtime in da North Country don-cha know.

I shouldn’t complain, though. It could be worse, and probably will be. This saves Minnesotans from an excess of optimism and helps us be grateful for the 13 weeks of warmth we get every year. It’s not healthy to get too worked up before you start losing your winter fat. We in Minnesota are not flamboyant or given to much joy. We are proud to say that we get by as best we can.

I got a few more donations for the Habitat 500. Our new total is $928-nearly half way to our $2000 goal with 14 weeks to go. It gives me a warm feeling, but it probably won’t last with all this snow.


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