Last Thursday I was stretching prior to my long ride of the week. I’d had a few delays in getting out the door and was rushing my stretching routine, when…pop-pop-pop came from the back of my left hamstring.

I froze.

Then I slowly bent forward again: no pain.

So I got on my bike and had a great ride covering 50 miles and 1500 feet of climbing. The next morning I woke up with my left hamstring stiff and sore. I did the ice and compression thing, and have been off my bike for 8 days. I think I may have been pushing a little too hard. The good news: it was a minor tear.

Gentle stretching and massage have felt good, so far. So, today and tomorrow I’m going to do an easy hour of spinning on the trainer. Next week I’ll do 2-3 easy rides, and then see if I’m ready to try a long ride in preparation for the MN Ironman on May 6.

Easy does it is my new motto.

Anyway, as of today my training mileage stands at 642 miles. I had planned on 800 miles to be ready for May 6. It’s definitely  in-reach with 17 days to go.

Grace & Courage, friends…pastor greg


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