First 500 and First Batch of Pledges

This week I passed my first milestone as I completed my first 500 miles of the season. This first block of mileage is all about building a foundation. It’s not a time to push hard, but to ease-into the season: rebuilding muscle coordination, strengthening knees and legs and getting used to the saddle again. All of this while chasing the elusive, but efficient, ROUND pedal stroke. Easy gears and keep those knees warm!

The next five hundred will allow me to get a bit more aggressive with hills. My long rides are increasing by 10% a week, and weekly mileage is past 100 on the way to 140.

[I’m just looking at my 500 graphic. Looks like some Lutheran jello I’ve seen in liturgical colors…]

One more note on training. I just switched pedals to design that has a much larger platform for my size 46 feet. I must say my dogs are a fair bit more comfortable on fat carbon than on skinny aluminum.

FUNDRAISING. Just sent in the first $873 in pledges. A big thanks to the Board of Human Care at First Lutheran for baking and selling their signature gooey cinnamon rolls. It looks like $2000 is a very do-able goal.

As of today, 527 miles.

Grace & Courage ><)))> pastor greg


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