The BUZZ is here and gone

editors note: I am not in this picture. I have not been kissed by two these total strangers. I only get kissed by my wife. Thankyou.

BUT I FELT LIKE A BIKE RACER TODAY. The BUZZ is back as I hit the road for the first time this season. I rode 26.6 miles with an average speed of 17.6 mph…not bad for early season. My average cadence was 88: for which I am also happy. The tedium of indoor training in February has paid off. Did I say it was 55 degrees and brilliantly sunny?

So how is it that the BUZZ is gone? Road buzz, to be precise. This was the first time I had my full carbon bike out on the road {good buzz!}, and I immediately noticed the lack of harshness in the ride when compared to an aluminum frame. I also noticed the efficiency of the 90mm bottom bracket as I easily cruised at 18 mph while using the small front chain ring! The ride is buttery smoothe…which will translate into feeling less fatigued on 100 mile days.

240 miles of training.


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