This is quite nifty

Here’s a doozie. This could be the most comfortable road bar in the bike world. FSA [full speed ahead] makes this full carbon-kevlar beauty: the K-Wing Compact. Where the competition has interpreted “ergonomic” with angular [instead of smoothe] transitions, FSA has kept the graceful curves. Two features that are worth noting are the rise and the sculpted pocket above the brake hoods.

The oval bar tops have a 5/8″ rise that helps shift the rider’s weight toward the rear for efficient climbing. The oval shape offers a wider, more comfy platform for the hands.

A lot of people like riding on the brake hoods: the all-purpose, ready-for-anything position. The K-Wing bars have a convex pocket that accomodates the “heel” of the rider’s thumb. This results in a supremely comfortable, supportive riding position. It’s no wonder long distance riders are drawn to this clever handlebar design.


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