Perhaps I spoke too soon…

This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken too soon!

I’m going to keep this blog alive because I’ve taken on a new project.

I’ll be participating in the Habitat 500 bike ride to benefit Habitat for Humanity. The ride is July 15-21, 2012, and though the route has not been published, it will be 500 miles of riding somewhere in MN. It’s very much an endurance ride since daily mileages will average 70-80 miles, with a 100 mile ride on day four. Here’s an example of a daily ride from a past tour.

By paying my entry fee [rather than just sending our yearly financial support] my congregation will raise a minimum of four times  our usual pledge to Habitat. And, as always, we will be taking the love of Jesus into the community.

This new challenge means starting my training in January. To stay focused on my preparation I have some intermediate goals: Minnesota Iron Man on May 5, and Superior Vista 100 on June 23. I’ll be riding over 1500 miles to be prepared for a strong effort. I’m also going to be breaking some new ground by using an indoor bike trainer during the cold months. The greatest risk here will be BOREDOM…since I can’t go fast enough to get hurt falling off.

In the meantime, cycling is very weather dependent up in the Northcountry. Looks like I can ride today and tomorrow. We’ve had a skiff of snow the last two nights, so xc skiing can’t be too far away.

So…here we go. New project, new goals, and new look for the blog.

Grace & courage, friends.


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