My comfy carbon sit-print

I ride a fairly stiff aluminum bike. Though I like the feel of aluminum, it does manage to transmit vibration rather efficiently. Before today’s ride I put a carbon fiber seat post between my saddle and frame, and…GOODNESS GRACIOUS…THAT SURE FELT NICE. I am now completely isolated from the road-drone that has a way of wearing me down over long distances. You can really feel the difference on chip and seal pavement. Oh, the glory of it all.

[behold the carbon fiber on the left]

I only rode 16.5 miles: this is a taper-down and rest week before the BIG RIDE on Saturday. Fundraising is at $1664.20 thanks to a $110 contribution today.

Feeling great physically & emotionally for this weekend.

Grace & Courage dear friends…pastor greg


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