Glory and Wonder

This afternoon I did my recovery ride through one of my most precious places in the area…a place called Sugar Hills. Its a series of hardwood ridges where I can rack up some quick vertical while riding along the high country in this part of Minnesota. On my return there was a sun shower and a perfect arc of rainbow. In all my thousands of miles of wilderness travel I’ve never witnessed what I saw today. Across the road, about 150 feet from me, was where the left side of the rainbow touched the ground in a multi-colored pillar.

God is into rainbows, so I chose to take it as a sign of promise. I’m looking forward to a great ride on Saturday.

Funny how this also happened on the ride where I passed 1000 miles for the season…1001.02 to be exact! Getting back on a bicycle and rekindling the love I had for this sport 25 years ago has been one of the great re-defining moments of my life. Much thanks to Deb and Eleora for their support and understanding: and also for the fizzy water spray that I got as I rolled into the driveway this afternoon. On the table is a cake that says “1000” on it.

I am greatly blessed.


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