21 miles in cool drizzle and a minor crash. First crash of the season, actually. I got into some soft mud on the shoulder when I was heading back into town: minor road razzberries and a bruise on my left hip. If you want some perspective take a look at Johnny Hoogerland crashing in this year’s Tour de France. After being extricated from a barbwire fence, he got patched up [33 stitches] and got back on his bike. There’s no prize large enough for that kind of determination-though I suspect Vacansoleil DCM cycling will renew his contract!

As I’ve said several times on this blog, the determination of breast cancer survivors puts them in a very special group of overcomers. Stunned and knocked off the road leading to their dreams, just getting through each day is a marathon event. My family members who are breast cancer survivors have such a beautiful depth of character forged in the heat of their struggle.

I’ve adapted my schedule again due to weather. Electrical storms on Tuesday kept me off the road, so I need to put in 18 miles of intervals today. Need to be careful with all this rain and wet leaves…

Training mileage stands at 893 as of this morning. By Sunday I’ll hit the 1000 mile mark, and then will be tapering-down to shorter rides until Wednesday. After that: rest, carbs and the Tour de Pink on Saturday Sept 10.

That’s all for now…grace & courage dear friends!

Pastor greg


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