HILL TRAINING…sprinting out of the saddle & climbing as hard and as fast as possible. Before anyone starts snickering about hills in Minnesota, I remind you that we live in the Iron Range where 10-12% grades are not uncommon. Lactate threshold or whatever you want to call it, it’s humbling work. I usually try to avoid it like I avoid eating centipedes and gargling with Mr. Clean.  But the benefits are manifold.

15 miles with 11 days to go: 873 miles ridden thus far.

I logged some more donations today, and we’re sitting at $1194.20. I have 4 more donations promised that should lift us over the $1500 threshold. Because of  your generousity, we are currently ranked number four in giving. If we were to end up in first place, I would ride with the coveted green jersey…

This week I ride tomorrow and Wednesday, off Thursday & Friday, and a 75 mile endurance ride on Saturday. Should finish with around 130 miles for the week.

PARTING THOUGHT…almost all of us know of someone who has cancer. Make it a priority to pray for them this week.

Grace & courage dear friends…pastor greg


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