20 miles of hills and aerobic threshold training and 17 days to go until the 110 mile Tour de Pink ride. There’s lots to report on…

First, the metaphor. Fighting breast cancer is a long distance event. It takes courage and perseverance. 110 miles symbolizes the marathon of recovery. Sometimes you’re out of breath…sometimes you want to quit. Sometimes you can coast long enough to be refreshed.

Second, the help. We’ve blown past the revised goal of $750 and are currently at $890 with a $210 of promised gifts that haven’t come in yet. And so, thanks to many of you, we raise the bar again. With 10 days to go before I send in my final pledges…let’s shoot for $1500.

Now the MUNDANE stuff! Tomorrow I have a 22 mile maintenance ride, I’m off Thursday, and Friday I have a 62 mile endurance ride. Training miles as of today stand at 769…definitely on-track to top 1000+ miles before the big ride.

Grace & courage dear friends…pastor greg


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