56 mile ride today with 1000 feet of climbing…which means 1000 feet of descending! Top speed was 33.5 mph. Soumi Hills is over in the Chipewa National Forest, and the Lord had fun making them. There’s a 7 mile section that includes a series of steep drops followed by  steep climbs. The trick is to get your speed high enough so your momentum carries you most of the way up the next one. Ufda!

I’ve been experimenting with various nasty tasting performance gels and drinks to keep my muscles fueled-up. Like so many things in life, the most effective is the one that comes in a nauseating orange cream flavor.

Training mileage as of today stands at 748.6

In case you were wondering about the picture of the team Radio Shack jersey, I think one of their riders Levi Leipheimer is an absolute warrior.

Grace & courage dear friends…pastor greg


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