23 mile maintenance ride today with 21 days to go until my 110 mile Tour de Pink ride. STIFF 15-20 mph headwind on the way back home! Broke out the knickers today: I really like having warm knee joints. [Rather healthy, you know!] Otherwise, bright blue sky and low humidity as I pedaled past lakes and forests in the north country.

Fundraising is officially at $290.20, and as I said yesterday, I have $205 in checks to send in. Unofficially we’re at $495.20, so…

I’m going to up my fundraising goal to $750

While you’re thinking about  that, here’s some critical info on breast cancer…

Here are some important facts and issues relating to breast cancer in young women.

  • Over 11,000 women under 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. every year. In fact, there are over 250,000 women living in the U.S. who were diagnosed with breast cancer under age 40.
  • One young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 45 minutes.
  • One in 20 women with breast cancer is under age 40 when diagnosed. One in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer is younger than 45 when diagnosed.
  • Breast cancer accounts for 26% of all cancer in women 15–39 years of age and 39% of all cancer in 35–39 year-olds.
  • Young women’s breast cancers are generally more aggressive and result in lower survival rates.
  • There is no effective breast cancer screening tool for women under 40.

Total training mileage stands at 692…56 mile ride tomorrow through scenic Suomi hills

grace & courage…pastor greg


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