Flat tires and large birds

Today’s ride got off to a rainy start. Looking at the world through my glasses was a lot like driving without windshield wipers: beautiful and dangerous at the same time. When the rain stopped I got a flat tire. After pulling out my spare tube and my nifty co2 tire-inflator gizmo, I was on my way.

I do a lot of thinking while I ride. This morning I thought about suffering and the difference it makes when someone shows compassion. Without this essential resource, the color goes out of our world and we live in shades of grey. That’s another reason why I’m doing this.

Somewhere around 25 miles a large bald eagle dropped out of a tree and swept in front of me: close enough for me to see the individual feathers in it’s splendid white cap. WOW and WOW. What a gift.

As of today my training mileage stands at 554.8 miles.

[By the way, they weren’t ANGRY birds…]

Grace & Courage…pastor greg


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